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Re: [TCML] Show insurance

On 7/24/12 10:35 AM, Carl Noggle wrote:

We are starting up a small Tesla coil show and we need insurance.
Everyone we have trued so far won't touch it with a ten-foot pole (even
a grounded one).

Is anyone using a company they would suggest?

you're in a real tough spot.
 (and it's what separates the pros from the amateurs)

The problem is that it's hard to "prove" that a TC is safe, and there's not a huge amount of experience to allow them to set a premium/rate.

You might look into companies that insure pyro effects or stunt shows. Chubb group used to (and probably still does) insure things like special effects for TV shows/commercials/films.

Some googling turned up a variety of companies specializing in brokering insurance for risky display activities

It's gonna be expensive (most likely, >>$1000)

-> you might be able to tag along on some other show?
-> you might be able to associate with some institution that has special treatment limiting their liability (schools)

For instance, TC as entertainment is different than TC as educational demonstration, assuming your educational demonstration is bona fide.

And, a lot depends on whether it is a "business" or you are a volunteer rolling out your TC for the local block party. (the latter is probably covered under homeowner's policies). You sound like you're in the "business" bucket.

Ahem, there's always the ever popular (but not so ethical) technique of "going bare" and having no assets. This is getting hard to do. Any venue is going to want to see a legitimate looking certificate of insurance, and most actually call the insurer to make sure you haven't been industriously photoshopping.
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