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Re: [TCML] Magnet wire voltage ratings

On 7/16/12 2:53 PM, Scott Bogard wrote:
Really quick question list, does anyone know the average voltage standoff
of single build magnet wire?  100V?  1,000V? 10,000V?  I've really no clue
but suspect it would be in the 600-1000V range...  Also does double and
triple build insulation make much of a difference?  Again toying with
designing a flyback transformer, and just trying to figure things out...

I don't think the build makes a huge difference in breakdown strength.. (however, I'd call someone like MWS in Westlake Village, CA, for info)...

I think the heavier build is used to make a more rugged wire and one that can take more abuse before it gets *too thin* and breaks down. It might also have better properties in something like a motor winding that gets hot (and softens).

An interesting thing about thin insulation layers is that the breakdown strength is NOT a linear function of the thickness. Multiple thin layers is much better than one thicker layer with the same total thickness. Mica has a really high breakdown strength because it's lots of very thin layers
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