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RE: [TCML] To Moderators, search function (fwd)

Hi Folks,

I got the search going.  It opens up a new window which may be
inconvenient, but less than not having search.  Let me know if it works or

If people see problems with the web site other than it using lame frames
:-)  Feel free to bring this up.  I leave most of the moderation duties to
the smart guys but am here in the background.


On Sat, 14 Jul 2012, Brian Hall wrote:

> Hi Chip, In regards to the messages about the archive search not
> working on some platforms - I have been writing Perl code for many
> years, since just before Y2K when I worked for a newspaper and made a
> search engine for that, and even recently I search through 10s of
> 1000s xml files for specific data at my current job. Maybe I could
> help provide a search engine for the TCML website archives.  An
> example of a search engine I created based on a limited set of locally
> stored data can be viewed
> here:http://todayssecretword.com/cgi-bin/search15.pl since it is
> specific to the data, try the keywords dream the best
> moon man
> or others you see when looking at those search results.  I made that
> four of five years ago, could possibly come up with something better
> these days.  If your web server runs some version of Perl 5 then I
> could even send you the code and you could place it on your server so
> it's all local to your website.  Let me know what you think
> ----------------------------------
> Brian Hall   

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