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Re: [TCML] The Practical construction of VTTCs

Hello Neon,

VTTC's are not very critical or complex.  The schematic you
referenced should work OK.  The listed values are probably
sufficient for use with two MOT's.  I often use a single large
MOT with level shifter (doubler) which gives 4kV output to the
tubes.  However the 572B's can be unhappy with such high
voltage and can be destroyed.  

The circuit itself will limit the current.  No need to use any
ballast.  No need for an oil filled secondary unless you
just want too anyway.  In fact you can obtain better results
by removing the shunts from the MOT (depending on the MOT,
this can be hard to do without ruining the MOT... so using
two MOT's in parallel as you suggest may be the best bet).

 http://futuret.110mb.com   (website seems to be down now).





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Subject: [TCML] The Practical construction of VTTCs

            I recently purchased a matched set of 572B
tubes for a 3" VTTC and now I realized that there are
not nearly as many pages on the practical
construction of VTTCs so now i'm stuck. I was planing
to use both tubes and parallel two MOTs, then use an
oil filled secondary. I know the basics of a VTTC but
I have many questions.

            Firstly I wonder if
values would
need to be upped to handle two MOTs? Second I was
wondering if the MOTs would need a ballast or rather
the tubes would draw the required current and not
pull too much current. Any help is greatly appreciated,


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