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Re: [TCML] why do variacs cost so much?

On 7/11/12 11:09 AM, Neon Tesla wrote:
       As a coiler who needs a variac I am starting
To wonder when and how the dirt cheap variac
quadrupled in price, does anyone know why?

At some level, they're worth something for the iron and copper inside.

Brand new, they're pretty expensive, but they turn up cheaper surplus, but like all surplus, it depends on who's getting rid of them. The STACO 1010B (0-140VAC, 10A) is $233. The 1510 (15A) is $441.

Over the past few years, there have probably been a lot of people replacing varics with various and sundry solid state schemes (think theatrical dimmers, for instance). But once all those old variacs have been replaced, there's no more coming into the market.

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