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[TCML] Re: My Big Maxwell is acting funny

I've fixed that problem by dumping ~2X the A into the Primary
circuit, now a new problem, my secondary is rather flimsy, and
I already had a mild flash-over and burn, so it occurred to me
that I could wrap the secondary in 3M Scotch 70 arc protection
tape. would this be a good idea or result in disaster?

On Sun, Jul 8, 2012 at 4:49 PM, Neon Tesla <neontesla@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>            I have till Tesla day to figure this out...
> My primary circuit isn't firing properly. The capacitor is
> wired across the PT (which has 2 charged terminals like
> a NST). In distress I disconnected the lead to the low
> voltage side of the Cap and the gap fired decently the only
> two strange things are that the still connected terminal is
> labeled  "High Potential Terminal Only" and the capacitor
> is 3 times over sized for the TC. The gap Is a Sucker gap.
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> *Don't lower your expectations, raise the voltage !*

*Don't lower your expectations, raise the voltage !*
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