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[TCML] questions about domains, whois, buying, selling

Hey guys and gals,

I think the original question was born out of curiosity.. Someone puts on a TC based event, and folks want to know who it is. Yes, the website doesn't have a person's name anywhere, so dredging through the WHOIS is a way to find out (although, as has been pointed out, this is hardly definitive).

I don't think there was anything underhanded or deceptive involved, nor do I think this is something deserving of opprobrium and/or harsh treatment.

Remember, also, that not everyone reads TCML 17 times a day. If you post a question, it may take a couple days for a response to get back, and sometimes speculation can take on a life of its own.

While on the subject of posting responses... a gentle reminder about selling stuff..

If you're going to post things on the list that will be of interest to TC builders... a rough idea of price, shipping, location etc is needed, or you'll get a pleasant reject notice from the moderators..

Even more important... if you're responding with a "I'm interested" or similar, please *reply to the original poster*, not the list.

General questions and discussions on buying and selling TC related gear, are of course, fair game for the list. This is an evolving marketplace. 20 years ago, there was no eBay or craigslist, and lists like this were how you'd potentially find stuff. It's always handy to discuss things like what the going prices are for things we all need (copper wire, insulating oil, PVC pipe, capacitors), and gotchas on particular model numbers.

And even more useful, learning what the "real name" for something is that you might want to buy. We TC builders often have jargon names for things that are not known outside the TC building world (NST, OBIT, MMC).


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