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Re: [TCML] induction cooktop as TC primary?

Hi Jim

I've not seen an actual schematic, however the typical topologies used are
either a derivative of a Half Bridge (cheap, low cost, up to 2-3kVA output
with 240VAC in), or quasi resonant (one switch, but complex controls).
Typical resonant frequencies are 25-100Khz, but could be changed I'd
think easily by changing value of resonant capacitor.

Tank voltage is monitored, if V exceeds some value (no load, high Q),
gating is disabled.  Would be an interesting low cost SSTC  / DRSSTC

OBTW, at last RV Rally wife and I attended, there was a single
burner induction heating "hot plate" being offered for sale from several
vendors, that IIRC was $129.

Best Regards

On Wed, Jul 4, 2012 at 11:58 AM, Jim Lux <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> In the quest for cheap, moderate power, RF...
> What frequency do modern induction cooktops work at?  100kHz?
> ANyone seen any schematics?  What sort of devices are they switching with?
> I'm sure it's some sort of direct off-line scheme, but they can't be too
> cavalier, because of EMI/EMC rules.
> The little single "burner" table top units are 1500W and cost about $60-70
> Could one just get a table top unit , put an appropriate secondary on top of
> it and be making sparks?
> What about safety interlocks?  Do they not turn on the coil current unless
> they detect a pot (I've seen that "feature" mentioned in some of the sales
> brochures)
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