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[TCML] Exploding capacitor help

It would be helpful if you give the part number of your capacitors, and the specifications of your multi-mini bank configuration (e.g. two rows of ten-capacitor strings). In a good cap you should be looking for polypropylene with metal foil or film-foil build. Also, check out Kevin's helpful advice on capacitor specifications at http://www.teslacoildesign.com/. Don't worry, I spent over a hundred dollars on a cap bank that I later figured out is not ideal.
Good luck,
Etienne D. 

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Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2011 18:15:54 +0530
Subject: [TCML] Tesla Coil

Hi,I built a TESLA COIL with 5kv 30ma nst.Primary coil made with 4mm
copper tube with 10 turns secondary made with 2inch PVC pipe.Winding
height 10.2inch(0.315mm enameled copper wire used) also made Capacitor
bank with 2kv 0.15uF polyester film capacitor.But the problem is my
Capacitor burnt several times but the coil works with LEYDEN JAR
capacitor.Why the capacitor burning??????
Please Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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