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Re: [TCML] Tesla Coil


How many capacitors do you have in series and/or parallel?

What RMS current are the capacitors rated for?

Do they overheat during operation?

What is the part number and manufacturer of the capacitor? Some caps are not well suited for TC use. Previous posts have summarized which caps work well, and which do not.

Conservative design suggests that your capacitor bank should be rated for 2x or 2.5x your transformer voltage, so you should have five to seven capacitors in series.


On 12/29/2011 7:45 AM, Bumba Lodh wrote:
Hi,I built a TESLA COIL with 5kv 30ma nst.Primary coil made with 4mm
copper tube with 10 turns secondary made with 2inch PVC pipe.Winding
height 10.2inch(0.315mm enameled copper wire used) also made Capacitor
bank with 2kv 0.15uF polyester film capacitor.But the problem is my
Capacitor burnt several times but the coil works with LEYDEN JAR
capacitor.Why the capacitor burning??????

Please Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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