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[TCML] Neons

Hi List,
 I have a pile of neons that I would like to sell.  There are about fifty in all. They are almost all non-gfi or the few that were the gfi has been removed. Id say that over 3/4 of them are 15-30s or 12-30s. and a few 9 and 7.5 - 60s. Some have damaged bushings or ones that have porcelain wells with spring connectors in them. Im really, really not into shipping them so I am looking for someone that would be willing to pick them up and maybe resell them. If you want alot of them or all I will leave you plenty of room to make a profit. They are located in Oshkosh WI. and if you are interested please email me OFF LIST for more details. I would need a few days to get more info. Thanks.
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