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Re: [TCML] Ohio Teslathon

I second Bill's response! This was my first Teslathon and it was awesome! All of Roger's coils were very cool and unique as were everyone else's! I posted some of the videos that my uncle took on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/user/gassmajd?feature=mhee
. Also for those who made it to the Teslathon, I would love to have your contact information if you would be willing to share with me. Just send it to jeremyee@xxxxxxxxx Again much thanks to Roger for hosting this great event.

Jeremy (Jamie) Cincinnati, OH

Wm A Tickhill <wtickhill@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>I had a great time at the Ohio Teslathon. Many interesting people
>attended, and we had a lively afternoon of sparks and arcs. The coup
>de grace was Rogers huge coil throwing easy 14 footers. Much thanks To
>Roger for graciously hosting.
>William A Tickhill
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