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[TCML] Iowa Co-Lab open house - off topic

Hello Coilers

QC Co-Lab in Davenport, Iowa is holding its grand opening the weekend of Sept 17-19.
We are a member supported lab in the style of the Geek Group.  Talks and displays will
include Tesla Coil, jacob's ladder, van de graf generator, and much other non-HV science.

More info will be here: https://www.qccolab.com/grandopening
or you can email me directly.  Please, keep replies off-list.

Anyone who wants to bring HV/HE, or just wants to see some, come out.  If you're bringing

something, please contact me so I can get you space/make sure we have power.  Vendor space

will also be available for $5/table, again, please let me know.  Free admission, food available on-site,
camping and hotel details on the website.

Thanks for years of HV advice, especially Geek Group and DC Cox for inspiration.
Go out this weekend to his Tesla fest - I can't recommend it enough.

Ben Ziegler
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