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RE: [TCML] America's Got Talent

She asked you to get into coiling??
Can we clone her Joe? Pretty please?? 

Shannon Weinhold

"The world we have created today has problems that cannot be solved by
thinking the way we thought when we created them."
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I saw Arc Attack at this year's Maker Faire in San Mateo California.
They had a stage dedicated, more or less, to tesla coils.  Arc Attack
appeared and then interspersed were talks by a team from UC Santa Cruz
who brought a pole pig powered coil whose dimensions I could not
determine from a distance.  

The Arc Attack coils, I understand from their on stage banter, are
DRSSTCs which were designed by Steve Ward.

The Arc Attack performance is pretty interesting from a live
perspective.  The coils are fairly loud - the sound filled a reasonably
large hall, unamplified.  And of course the music is somewhat thunderous
and compelling.  

The band did not play live on stage, though.  It was a midi playback
through various laptops driving synthesizers and a drum banging machine.
I have seen videos where the band actually plays some distance from the
coils.   The lead guy in the band (I won't call him a lead singer
because he doesn't sing) comes out in a grounded chain mail suit and
plays with the arcs in a kind of miming while the music plays.  

My daughter was standing next to me when we saw it, and when it was over
she said something that in today's young person language means "real
cool".   I think she said it was "sick" or some such.  Actually, "the
sickest thing I have ever seen."  

I had to ask her if that meant she hated it or liked it, but she liked
it, as she does enjoy my coil as well.   Thanks to Maker Faire my family
was introduced to coiling before I started in on doing my own. 

The UCSC presentation was very informative, though a science lecture is
somewhat of a different animal than a rock concert.  Though, the UCSC
coil was fairly impressive even though it wasn't driven by a
synthesizer.  And the talk was very informative.  They also had a guy
come out in a grounded suit, but there was less pantomime than a sort of
subdued terror.

I personally missed seeing Greg Leyh there.  It was his twin coils two
years ago that got my wife interested in coiling, and thus had her
thrust me into this sport.  (Yes, the wife asked me to build my first
coil.  I was working on other things at the time.)  Now I'm thoroughly
hooked.  I don't think the wife expected I'd be taking it this far when
she asked me to build her the first coil.

Though I consider myself blessed to have a spouse who not only approves
of my coiling, but encourages it.  Makes one believe in the whole idea
of "soul mate".


On Aug 11, 2010, at 8:10 PM, Brandon Hendershot wrote:

> Hi,
> Yeah, I think so. I haven't seen them yet, so I wouldn't really
know...  Are they any good? I mean, I'm sure they're good, but do you
think they'll get far? Sorry if this is considered slightly off topic.
> Brandon
> On Aug 11, 2010, at 4:16 PM, "Alice" <alice33@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Are you by any chance referring to ArcAttack being on America's got
>> Becky
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>> Hi Guys (and Gals),
>> Does anybody know when those guys will be on? Tonight's "YouTube
Night", so I don't think they'll show. I haven't seen them at all, are
they good? Anybody else plan on watching that?
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