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Re: [TCML] Tesla Coil not working (probably primary/secondary/top load issue)


So I made the top load, but when I tried it I got the same result - nada.
When I gave it a grounded strike point however, I was getting sparks up to 4
inches. The next day I used Tesla Map to come up with the approximate number
of primary turns, and that made me remember that the new capacitors I am
using obviously mean a vastly different resonance value - duh. So I went
back out again and chopped a couple of coils off, and I got somewhat faint
but definite sparks of up to 13 inches in daylight. Very excited about that.

However without the grounded strike point, I am still not getting any corona
discharge. Tuning wise I am within a quarter turn, and I will continue to
refine that when it gets dark in a few hours, but it really bothers me that
I am still not getting any open air discharge at all (or at least it is very
small, I will find out in an hour or so if I am getting any at all). Now my
top load does have ribbed aluminum ducting around the outside of it that is
making for tens of strike points around the edge, could that be the entirety
of the problem?

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