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Re: [TCML] Coil V1.8

Hi Joe,

Just to clarify the cause. The pri to sec flashover was due to a very tight distance between the two coils (0.417"), not the coupling. Thus, increasing to the distance to about 1.5" should stop the flashovers. The coupling was also high and removing that inner turn also happened to drop it in a range of about 0.125 as opposed to the original 0.14. Coupling may still need to be lowered slightly to stop the racing sparks (which entails raising the sec). Of course, it's a new sec now, so things have changed to some degree.

Take care,

Joe Mastroianni wrote:
Bart pointed out to me that on my last attempt all the arcing between the primary and racing arcs were caused by overcoupling, as we determined from JavaTC.  I cut the innermost turn out of my primary, which gave me an additional 1/2 inch.  The innermost turn of the primary is now , roughly 1/5" from the lower windings of the secondary.  However, my lead wire for the primary is still going through the same hole, so it's closer.   I saw a spark from there to the secondary when I reached 120V so I stopped.  I will redrill the primary platform and run the lead to the innermost turn 1/2" further out.
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