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[TCML] Looking for MMC Capacitors

I have had a hellacious time finding appropriate caps to buy for my MMC. The
tank capacitor needs to be close to 10nF and be able to withstand around
16kV, so I've been looking for 1-2 kV caps and capacitance values to keep
the number of strings somewhat reasonable. Polypropylene caps with
charge/discharge rates over 1000 V/microsecond and all the other above
requirements have been very difficult for me to track down online, and when
I finally do the minimum order is something like 150 pieces.

Essentially I'm sorry for the really noob/seemingly google-able question
here, but could someone point me to a good source for small coil caps and/or
another solution? I have already bought one set from a sub-par site, and the
lack of complete spec sheet on the site led me to end up buying caps with
the same part number as what I wanted, but another version with 1/5th the
capacitance value. I am trying to see if I can use some good will from here
to avoid another such mistake. :)

Raymond Whiteside
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