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Re: [TCML] Re: Dummy load for optimum cap size Experimentation

Sorry, I got in on this late but I want to make the offer anyway. I have
some fine 36AWG nichrome wire that might do the trick to attach your
thermocouple. I will be glad to send you several feet of it to try out. With
wire this fine, if the thermal expansion turns out to be a problem, the wire
should just break, not the bulb. If you would like to try some of the nichrome
wire, contact me off list and give me your address. I'll send you some right
Think Positive

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Time to eat some words.

I tried various amateurish ways to couple the thermocouple to the halogen
lamp.  The kapton tape made a drippy stinky mess as soon as the bulb got
maybe 30% power.  I tried pressing the thermocouple to the bulb with a
spring, and put a layer of fiberglass drapery between the spring and
thermocouple.  The drapery pigments smoked and made a mess.  Perhaps some
better quality fiberglass may have worked better, but when I was using the
kapton tape, the time to reach equilibrium seemed excessive - several
minutes, and given that I'll be taking data on MANY data points, I'm just
not that patient.  So I'll be using a photocell and Ohmmeter.  Maybe I can
just throw a cap across it if there are fluctuations.  At the power levels
(~50%) I was trying just now with simple line AC, the brilliance of the
halogen lamp swamped any room illumination, so shielding probably is not an issue.

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