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Re: [TCML] smoking hot topload idea

Just get a skilled welder with a MIG machine to weld the two halves
together.  Then sand on a belt sander using Dzus dish soap for a near
perfect seamless finish.  We used similar idea on a Van de Graaff and itf
worked fine.

Dr. Resonance

On Tue, Jul 20, 2010 at 8:56 PM, John Forcina <forcijo10@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> So i was browsing through the outdoors section of Home Depot today and i
> saw
> something that caught my eye as i walked past the grills.  Sitting in front
> of me was what i would think a perfect topload for a Tesla Coil.  Weber
> makes bowl shaped grilles that sell for fairly cheap, are pretty
> lightweight
> and would be able to come apart easily for transport.  Here is a picture of
> one http://mulliner.org/collin/images/weber.jpg  I would think all you
> would
> have to do is remove all the silly hardware and the legs and you got
> yourself a pretty decent topload for a medium-large sized coil.
> Here is a artist's representation of how one might look atop a Tesla Coil
> http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4099/4814076242_d55326c546_b.jpg
> Let me know your thoughts/ideas.
> Thanks.
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