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Re: [TCML] Coil V3 pics

Hi Joe,

I have a question about your propeller RSG. I have built a few
typical ARSGs with the standard whirling disc but I was wonder-
ing how you secured that polyethylene block to the shaft of the
motor? The attachment of the "propeller" tungsten rod is pretty
self-explanatory to me from your pics. BTW, nice coil system
there ;^)

David Rieben

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Subject: [TCML] Coil V3 pics

Pics of this weekend's work. <http://yfrog.com/03ybnj>
Doubled up topload (thx to Dan ). Larger MMC. Back to propeller SRSG. Gotta say, of all the 4 gaps I've built in the past 1.5 months, it's the best.

Sparks are probably in the 4'+ range. I haven't yet run outdoors, and it's too much to keep in the garage. The top toroid is too high, and the sparks to energetic - it's zapping my home electrical system. The romex bus that feeds the entire house goes through the garage. I'm afraid of killing stuff.

It's amazing how quickly one can go from total disaster to total success in this hobby. Just 6 hours ago I was ready to take a sledgehammer to the thing and swear off coiling.

Now, of course, I'm ready to move on to what I had really planned for this weekend which was building a halogen lamp dummy load and a winding jig for my next secondary...

I'll post some video of the coil running. I need to lengthen my power & control wires, as I am now in fear for my life running the coil so close, and I'm damn happy to say that.

Again, thanks to all the pupman crowd for the help. There is absolutely no way I could have got this thing to work without this community. No way, no how.


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