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[TCML] Secondary winding jig

Here's my attempt at a secondary winding Jig. <http://yfrog.com/n6coilwinderz>  I'm hoping to be able to wind up to an 8" form on this.  The PVC on there now is 4" x 24".

The motor is an Oriental Induction motor I got at a surplus store, and as such it's not speed adjustable.  Though the torque is quite high - which could be a downside if I wind up breaking wire - I'm hoping that by only loosely afixing the PVC core to the rotating shaft (with masking tape) the tape will give free before the wire breaks.  The gray PVC endcaps have been turned on my lathe and fit pretty snugly, though they will slip.  Hoping that will act as a "clutch".

Never did this before, so this is a Version 1.0. 


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