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Re: [TCML] Re: Pros and cons


Jim Lux has already pointed out the main differences between
SG and SS Tesla systems but the long and short of it is that if
you are looking for the simplest one to construct, the SG driv-
en coil wins hands down. Amazing strides in SSTC performance
have been made in just the last decade and the dual resonant
solid stae Tesla coil (DRSSTC) design would likely be the
clear winner in spark length vs. wall plug power draw, assuming
that the system is fully tuned and optimized, but DRSSTCs also
require considerably more electronics skills to construct than
does a classic spark gap driven system.

So it comes down to how honed that you think your electronics
maintenance construction skills are as to which type of coil that
you decide to construct.

David Rieben

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> > Decision making about building tesla coil in 5-10 kw power range,what > > would be a better choice:
> I) Standard coil design with a rotary spark gap
> OR
> II) High peak power solid state coil > > ?
> Keen to know advantages and disadvantages from > practical,experimental,economical and other aspects of coiling.

Have you built either before? Or worked with high power RF? (e.g. if you've built a 20kW RF Power Amp, then you're in a different situation than if all you've done is hook up a flashlight bulb and a D-cell battery)

The peak power on a spark gap coil is higher than the SS. SS coils have a lot of flexibility for controlling the behavior (e.g. if you want to have your coil sing songs, SS is the way to go). If you're interested in studying >spark propagation, an SS coil might be the better way.

I'm not that much of a musical type to make tesla coil which can sing songs :-)

Well,my company manufactures high voltage gear.
Beside standard LI tests some products are desirable to test to bidirectional OSIV . For preliminary testings and in the conjucion with modified Marx generator we have,I think that tesla coil
might serve good for generating fast OSIV and return OSIV transients.
At least 800 kV,25 kHz output is required,and aproximate calculation goes like 5 kW at about 50 impulses per second
or 10 kw at 100 impulses per second should be enough for the purposes.
Basically,we are exploring possibilities tesla HF generators offer here and are open to suggestions.
How efficient tesla coils can be?
If the peak power on spark gap coil is higher than on SSTC,can you recommend best solutions for controling the spark gap coil behavior?


Fez Zaev

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