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Re: [TCML] Pros and cons

uhvsystems@xxxxxxxx wrote:

Decision making about building tesla coil in 5-10 kw power range,what would be a better choice:

I) Standard coil design with a rotary spark gap


II) High peak power solid state coil

Keen to know advantages and disadvantages from practical,experimental,economical and other aspects of coiling.

Have you built either before? Or worked with high power RF? (e.g. if you've built a 20kW RF Power Amp, then you're in a different situation than if all you've done is hook up a flashlight bulb and a D-cell battery)

The peak power on a spark gap coil is higher than the SS. SS coils have a lot of flexibility for controlling the behavior (e.g. if you want to have your coil sing songs, SS is the way to go). If you're interested in studying spark propagation, an SS coil might be the better way.
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