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Re: [TCML] Latest TC results, and one strange one....

Regarding the idea that the 'mystery sparks' (dim reddish sparks) being an imaging artifact, no doubt I had thought of this, but was not able to make the dim reddish sparks I saw match up to any of the blue leaders hitting the ground rail (which is when those mystery sparks happened). I don't mean in terms of size or brightness, but in terms of the zig-zags, splits, curves, concave or convex - the shape of the sparks, etc. none of it seemed to match up far as I can see.   Not to say it couldn't be time lag, and certainly being an artifact of imaging can explain it.  

Regarding putting a small toroid around the neck just above the secondary top as a collar, I've now done exactly that, so despite the interest of the hits to the ground rail from the secondary top coil, hopefully this will remove the problem, and increase power to the toroid by diminishing any coronal loss.  Even though the toroid is actually only 5" above the secondary top.   I brief test this morning looked good. 

Thank you all for your input!  : )  

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