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Re: [TCML] Latest TC results, and one strange one....

Regarding the mystery spark... once again, *not* talking about the obvious blue spark. What I am saying is the mystery spark occurs in conjunction with the blue spark rail strike. Does not occur at any other time. 

All the video AND still shot links were given in the first post of this thread - all you have to do is look at the original post for a links to all the pics.  This should take you to the original post, but if it doesn't just look on www.pupman.com for my original post on this same subject.   


If you cannot click this GIF animation of the still shots, and load it, then simply COPY/PASTE it to your BROWSER then press Enter and it will show up.  


If you copy/paste the above link and still have technical difficulties, ALTERNATIVELY please go to my website here:  


...and under the "Update! November 22, 2009" section see this link entitled:

    "Click here for Gif movie of still shots" 

and click that title ON THE WEBSITE.  (Don't click the title above, click it on the my website.) 

To answer someone else's different question:  

>Is that AL the spark gap is mounted on?

I assume you mean either ALL or ALuminum.  Anyhow...
Spark gap is mounted on a thick plastic base I made. 
Additionally there is kitchen countertop material between 
the base and the working parts.  Additionally there is spacing between that and the copper tubes.  It's served 
well thus far and this 4 series x 2 parallel gap unit has 
been the strongest thus far in terms of output for my 12 
kV 60mA NST, and the vacuum added recently helped 
even more.  

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