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[TCML] Big Insulators

Hello All,


A hearty thanks goes out to John Forcina for providing me with some truly
awesome insulators. The top cap is just shy of 4" in diameter so a sewer
pipe will be cut and glued to the inside of an end cap which will be lag
bolted into my round, Formica school table top. Four will make perfect HV
legs by simply setting down the table top on them! - Pictures to follow. I
want this 12" to be easy to set up, tear down.


I haven't figured out how to mount the secondary yet; but, I was thinking,
since I have extra length of the .125" wall PVC former (=Light + 20lbs of
#18 magnet wire) of extending the secondary through a hole in the table top
for stability and coupling adjustments. The top load should be light as it
is 12" dryer duct ~ 52" round. The coil will be a 5:1 ratio with .375 copper
tubing as the primary, an ASRG, and a .1uf General Atomics new, high rep
rate cap. 


The control cabinet tames a 14400v dry transformer in a separate transformer


Any ideas on the secondary mounting would be welcome! I have yet to find a
way that I like with my smaller coils without fussing around; and, I want to
know what I am going to do before I cut the former.


Thanks John - perfect legs!

Jim Mora

This hobby keeps me $ broke;-^)

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