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[TCML] Sloans high power VTTC


In doing some research on my next project I found a link to 
what is probably the largest documented VTTC ever built. 
There was a complete disclosure in Review of Scientific 
Instruments; however the technology was fortunately patented 
and thereby fully disclosed to the public via the US Patent Office and 
Google Patents (US Patent 2009458) 


It was used to produce up to 1.0 MeV X-Rays for cancer 
treatments; there are several accounts of unit being used to 
treat E. O. Lawrence's mother, who was suffering with 
an inoperable cancer. The X-Ray radiation treatments 
were successful by all accounts. 

Also of note is this follow on "resonance transformer" that 
is also vacuum tube driven (US Patent 3014170) 


Lots of possible opportunities for us VTTC'ers, if you look into 
the allied technologies of Diathermy, Induction (and Dielectric) 
Heating, Pulse power oscillators, and high power spark gap 
driven modulators. 

Dave Sharpe, TCBOR/HEAS 
Chesterfield, VA. USA 


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