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Re: [TCML] Largest arc attainable?

Hi James,

There has been much discussion of this topic in the searchable TCML archives. I would highly recommend looking through them. The longest verified, corroborated, and documented sparks are in the 60 to 80 ft range. There are systems still in the planning stages that may break these records someday. There are, however, a number of "Teslaites" who believe that anything said or written by or about Tesla is Holy Scripture and therefore not to be bound by the constraints of rational thought that restrict modern investigators.
 If you are doing a scientific documentary, then the three systems you mentioned are probably the best so far. If you're doing a human interest/entertainment documentary, then the claims made in Tesla's biographies make a much more dramatic story. No one has yet come close to matching Tesla's claim, just as no one in modern times has outlived Methuselah. (IMO, for the same reasons)
There are other devices such as Marx generators and Van de Graafs which also produce long sparks by different methods, but I'm not sure what the records there are.

Hope this helps,

Matt D.

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Dear All,
I'm developing a documentary where we are looking to create the largest possible 
rc of artificial lightning. Using existing systems - what kind of length could 
 expect to see, and where does such a system exist? So far, I can find Greg 
eyh's Electrum, Bill Wysock's 13M and the Cauac Twin Coils, all of them seem to 
e able to produce an arc around 50ft in length. However, I read that Tesla 
imself was able to create artificial lightning arc in the order of 130ft - is 
his still the record?
If you have any suggestions then please do (if you can) include contact details.
Thanks Everyone!
All the Very Best,
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