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[TCML] Five Wind Square Aluminum Primary as Pentagon

The five winds give ~50 uh in magnetic agreement, but between winds four and five an internal capacity of just over 5 nf exists, because the fifth internal wind of a single loop exists between the outer four winds and is only visible by its white and black connection wires. This cross shaped winding pattern has wide Radio Shack MegaCable Speaker wire insulating the outer four winds from the inner fifth one. This inner component winding wise is not yet investigated in coordination with the outer one as it serves two purposes. The primary purpose here is to merely give a dielectric boundary between winds 1-4 and wind no. 5, but because the megacable speaker wire is flat braided, it also offers a wide surface area of metallic windings comprising 50% of the surface area that is being sandwiched between windings 1-4 and winding 5. Eight more windings can be added by the interior megacable which spirals around the central winding. The continuity of these
 windings can be interupted by connection of a midpoint capacity of low value, here ten times higher then the actual internal capacity of the primary where 5 nf is added in the middle in series. This apparently yields a 40 volt 60 hz signal around a closed laptop computer that is merely keeping the battery charged without closing down the startup program, if that is relevant. The signal however depends on grounding, but is recorded at ten times less amplitude without direct grounding.

A rf comparison with ferrite toroids;
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