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RE: [TCML] primary tubing

I have no doubt, it should work fine, I do not really see any major increase
in resistance until the frequency gets near the 1 MHz area. So at these
tesla coil frequencies there should be no problems if all the connections
are nice and tight and pretty looking. :)


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My 14.4 kV 25 kVA pig has aluminum primary and secondary.



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> Hi Drake,
> I misspoke and called it anodizing and what I meant was
> Oxidizing, anodizing
> is something different that is done in an acid bath
> oxidizing will happen to
> aluminum especially if you try to connect it directly to
> the copper, unless
> the copper is tinned first, then you can connect them, what
> we used to do on
> the larger power transformer is electroplate the copper
> terminals and then
> we could connect the aluminum leads of the winding. You
> will be able to find
> wire gauge charts all over the internet so you can compare
> the copper to
> aluminum for example to replace say 14 gauge copper to
> aluminum you would
> need to replace it with at least 12 gauge or bigger to
> match the same
> current handling capability.  From the charts you can
> see the differences in
> resistance per 1000? for each gauge and from there you
> can make a good call
> and what size to use.  But if you were thinking of
> using ¼? copper tubing
> for a primary, then step up the size of aluminum to the
> next size bigger and
> you should be ok, just pay special attention to your
> connections and always
> tin the copper before you put any aluminum to it and you
> will be fine. I
> have run thousands of amps between copper and aluminum
> without any issues as
> long as all the copper was tinned first; I also tried sonic
> welding with
> poor results, so I went back to electroplating.
> --Brian 
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