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[TCML] Steel Core Limiting Indcutor design

Because there have been numerous posts and questions about current limiting
inductors using steel cores and how to calculate the amount of turns, I have
published a small paper showing the calculations to achieve this. Now this
is bare bones limited version the method used here will be within a few
turns of your target. This calculation is for a gapless steel core which
could be of the EI type or C core and also for tape wound coils. I know many
people use old transformer cores and just about anything they can get their
hands on this particular document outlines how to calculate the turns on an
EI core with reasonable results, I have used this method for countless
reactors when all you want to do is get within a few amps or so as many
other factors come in to play if you want more accurate results, but this
will work fine for most tesla coil applications. If you have any questions I
would be happy to answer them. The paper can be found here it is a pdf and
MathCAD was used to create the worksheet:



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