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RE: [TCML] Table top saftey

Dr. Peter, and Tesla Downunder,

I could use 1/2 (center tapped) 5KV of the 10kv, 23ma Obit transformer to
achieve similar power I suppose. I'll check you great site and see if I can
gat a rough in of the coil geometry. It will of course acquire the handle
"Downunder" coil!

Jim Mora

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I use my briefcase TC.
The metal base is the couterpoise which is also connected to mains earth. I 
use an ex microwave oven mains LC and MOV suppressor.
It runs on 4kv NST and gives 3 inch sparks. Seems pretty safe to me.
My page is here
Or you should be able to see it on Discovery Channel USA in January along 
with a lot of my other stuff


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> Hi,
> Is anyone able to say what is the maximum power and size a small coil size
> should be for drawing sparks and generally lighting florescent bulbs and
> such. No one should ne at risk. I have an obit and some fine wire. This
> would be a tungsten single or double gap and some CDC caps. I have a group
> of adults that want to see a scaled down version as proof of concept and I
> don't want to make streamers at this juncture as I am trying to rent a
> backspace with a roll up door.
> I definitely would sink a ground rod in the center of the floor as they 
> are
> using PC's in the office  which is separated by restrooms;~)  It a good
> thing I am a retired PC specialist with a M$ cert.
> Thanks,
> Jim Mora

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