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[TCML] DIY Filament Transformer

Current test:

Open circuit voltage: 	13.6v
.24ohm wire load 		12.4v

12.4v/.24ohms(measured)  ~50amps

That's pretty educated luck on the turns calculation (did leave a few feet
extra trailing off the transformer. I'll shorten the wire load down to
.2ohms tomorrow and see how it fairs delivering 60amps continuous for 15

I may add a turn. This will of course be on a variac with a digital meter
(to be switched off when the filaments are happy and before B+ is switched
on) for precise filament voltages.

It was surprising that the straight 120feet of copper cable "load" got warm
within a few minutes. I think it must be #14awg magnet wire. After 10
minutes of running, the #6awg secondary was room temp. Ditto the primary (no
surprise there).

Jim Mora

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