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[TCML] 30 ga. wire for secondary?

Hi guys,

I've had a spool of 30 ga. magnet wire collecting dust on a shelf for a while, and I was wondering what size secondary coil would be appropriate for this size wire. I'd hoped to make a smaller, table-top coil for a while, something I could run a little more often without disturbing the entire household. My current coil has a 3.5" secondary being fed by 9kv/180ma, and I'm pretty happy with its output. But, like I say, a smaller, table-top model would be nice, and definitely more portable. FWIW, I have (a lot of) 1" pvc laying around. Would a foot or so of that be workable for a small coil? Thanks for your help,

Neal N. (in the Chicago 'burbs.)
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