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Re: [TCML] New Geek Group Video - How to Wire A Tesla Coil


Nice explanatory video.  This will be very helpful to new coils builders.

There was one error.

You mentioned changing the cap value or the pri induc geometry (value)
changes the res freq.  True.

You also mentioned, in the same sentence, changing the spark gap setting
changes the res freq.  Not true.

The spark gap determines the max potential the cap can charge to which, the
larger the better, as far as sec potential is concerned, but the spark gap
does not affect the res freq point of either the pri or sec system.  It's
setting only determines the voltage which is "shocked" fired into the pri
inductor.  Res freq is determined exclusively by the geometry of the
components, not the distance across the pri spark gap.

Just thought perhaps you missed this and might wish to correct it in a
future version as it could somewhat mislead a beginner to coiling.

Many happy sparks!

Dr. Resonance

On Tue, Aug 18, 2009 at 1:13 PM, Chris Boden <cboden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0P0L8MGNUhI
> Thought I'd share this with the list.
> Btw, we're in production on a ton of new videos right now so I thought I'd
> ask.
> What Coiling-Specific videos would you like to see?
> We're interested in making a whole series of how-to and explanation videos
> on all things coiling related, and I certainly welcome any ideas for
> topics,
> etc.
> Also, if anyone is interested in coming and participating in a video all
> TCML members are welcome to come and talk and show off their work! :)
> Have fun guys!
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