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Re: [TCML] Gate Drive Waveforms Ringing

Hi, Brian,

I've found that sometimes having too many turns on the GDT leads to ringing.
I think that this would be due to the extra leakage inductance asociated
with the extra turns.  You could try adjusting the actual number of turns
(make it less), but keep the same 'ratio' for the correct voltage
transformation. The actual number will depend on the core size/material, but
I find that 10 turns is sufficient, but i dont know what material my cores
ar made of!

As for the ringing on the h-bridge output, I think this would be due to non
zero currenr switching, so if your driver is out of tune/ out of phase with
the secondary, this will happen. Finn Hammer has invented a great system for
compensating for delay in you drive electronics for feed-back type systems,
but if its an 'open-loop' setup, you should try fine-tuning the drive

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