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RE: [TCML] Old TRW technical flea market in LA

I'm not sure who your question was directed to, but - realize that flea markets are always just a crap shoot.  It's just a matter of being lucky, right place, right time.  What's there once may never be there again.

About 8 years ago, while in the process of making my 3rd laborious attempt at a flat plate poly capacitor, I happened upon four Maxwell .02uF/45kV caps at the MIT Flea, for $20 each.  I quickly abandoned the plate caps and I've been using the Maxwell's ever since, and every month I return to the MIT Flea with greedy hopes of finding more, but I've never since seen anything so juicy.  Variacs, wire, yes, but TC-worthy caps are always very rare.  And YOU have to know what's acceptable, or be willing to gamble.  The vendor will never have any idea if it's useful in a TC, even if he says he does.  High voltage caps are not so rare, but suitable ones are.

Regards, Gary Lau

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> If they do let me know I need some Capacitors at a good price
> -Ted
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> > Does anyone know if they still conduct the flea market in the TRW parking
> > lot in Los Angeles?  Lots of surplus technical stuff from the space
> > industry their.
> >
> > Russell @ the Cape

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