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[TCML] Free Vac Tubes & other assorted hv items

Hello All:

Well, I have popped my head up from out of the rabbit hole again. This time
an idea to provide the cash-strapped experimenter with free components or a
forum from which to swap them.

Going through my lab and storage last weekend revealed many items that I no
longer needed but could be useful to others, components you just could not
throw away!

So, I am starting out with a few hundred vacuum tubes and another friend is
donating his and many other items will be added, just pay for shipping with a
demonstrated need.

As a side note I have been running my bi-polar coil almost every weekend for
last few months to the delight of my neighbors and a few impressionable kids, I
am trying to instill into them the excitement of science and a desire to learn.
Also, my twin parallel magnifier (in my frontroom) has finally seen action the
last few weekends after a 5 year hiaitus. Both have links on my website.

Well, here is the new page I just added to my web (soon to be migrated from MS
FrontPage 2002 to DreamWeaver):


If anyone else wishes to participate, please, contact me, this should turn out
to be a useful tool.

I do have a bunch of other things to list, for free, for swap, and will take
care to update this page daily.


John F. Cooper III
john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx or
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