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RE: [TCML] Photos of my coil.

Hello Austin.

Will the Acrylic sheet that you have the RSG electrodes bolted in at
44942/   take the heat without them becoming loose as they heat up and
subsequently hit the revolving ones?


I think the melt point of Acrylic is quite high, but it gets soft first. The
stationary ones will get quiet warm / hot (dependant on run time & power



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Hey all! It's Austin. Heres my flikr account, along with photos of the coil

I'm constructing. I'm an aspiring coiler and would very much welcome any

critical observations or queries as to the design and how it may be





Also, I've been pondering the death of my first 15Kv 30 milliamp

Franceformer neon sign transformer. I'll admit that I didnt have the terry

filter grounded, but the autopsy (trying to draw an arc from either pole)

revealed that either the primary was done for, or that both secondary

windings failed, in that if one of the secondary coils were intact, I should

(?) be able to get 7,500v from a surviving pole to the transformer case.

Any idea what happened, or what I might do to protect a new transformer?






P.S. I'm looking to procure anywhere from a 10-25 amp variac for main

voltage controll, as well as a 15Kv 60milliamp NST. Should I just throw

money at it? Or do you guys have some kindof high-voltage fairy that stops

by with loads of surplus components...


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