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Re: [TCML] breakouts and a picture

OK, here goes, In the video I didn't do any tuning but the second firing was at a festival and I did a bit of tuning which improved the spark length but still no breakouts. I am using a 4" PVC tube with copper tube inside, the same as a lot of designs I have seen. I used JAVATC to get my dimensions and my capacitor is an MMC type.

I noticed when I was tuning and getting small improvements The shock to my arm was increasing more than expected so I stopped using a non grounded rod very quickly!!

The picture is now at www.djodd.co.uk/tesla


On 6 Aug 2009, at 00:40, Lau, Gary wrote:

Hi Simon,

The TCML does not permit attachments, so we didn't see the picture.

The first question that must be answered in troubleshooting a coil is, is the primary in tune with the secondary? In your video, I didn't hear any mention of tuning. Have you tried tapping the primary differently and determined if it improves or degrades performance? Did you use some type of design software to choose the components?

And there's any number of other issues that we can't deduce from your video. Details of the spark gap, and capacitor type.

When you do get your coil running well, you probably shouldn't try holding the metal rod in your hand and drawing sparks to it, unless the rod is securely wired to a good ground. You don't want that current flowing through your body!

Regards, Gary Lau

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Hi Guys,

Here is a picture of the second firing of my coil, I was getting
streamers to a grounded point about 10-15cm away.  However I would
like to get streamers leaving the torroid to the air rather than a
grounded point. Is this just a question of tuning or would a change in
torroid make a difference?

The coil is a SGTC with an 8.5Kv 50mA NST. The secondary is about
23" (I have the exact measurement written down somewhere!)

You get an idea of the design from this photo and I also posted the
video of the first firing a while ago but here is the link again, it
has more closeups of the coil.


Let me know if you need more information to help me.

Thanks in advance


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