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[TCML] Good Time for Wire Buy?

I am now engaged with a variety of rewinding projects with 23 Gauge wire and probably intend to purchase an 80 lb Essex wire spool.  My craftsman in charge of rewinding told me copper might be going low, so tomorrow I am calling my regional supplier to see what he wants for the typical 12 lb spools he sells me. I noticed they dont keep much on stock anymore, last time I ordered, only a 8 lb spool was immediately available.  I guess with great price fluxuations it doesn't make a lot of sence to buy a commodity that then drops in price. Here near Cleveland,Ohio gasoline recently dipped under 2.00 dollars per gallon, and the gas lines are horrendous!  Its as if people are panicking and they want to stock up and fill their tanks at this low price before it goes up again. Apparently Doc my craftsman said copper prices are also low. We requested a price quote on a 80 lb spool from Essex, and wish to see if our regional supplier has the same price ratio for
 smaller spools.  I will report back on 80 lb spool size cost when they give us a quote.
Sincerely Harvey D Norris
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