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RE: [TCML] Microwave oven capacitors.

Thanks for your reply Henry,usually I check them quiet often while running them and yes they get really hot after a few seconds,Never had them explode though luckely ; )  Ive heard it can be done to run a Tesla Coil off only 2 microwave transformers with AC charging from 4HV forum but I cant get in there to ask.Does anyone know any more about mots and there caps(Yes we must resonate the circuit at faster than 1.95uF to make sparks)But is it possible?       Bart, I will one day impress you and all other coilers I just need time, Im only a couple months into Tesla Coils but Im already making electricity all over my room with only one Tesla Coil and Yes my Tesla Coil is not the best, but I dont see to many other people experimenting with there coils. www.flickr.com/photos/Kingsandangels
Your knowledge will not waist. Gareth

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Be careful with microwave capacitors.  They're lossy and not
overengineered, and the can can pose a shrapnel hazard if it bursts.
I was using one as the capacitor in a dimmer switch ignition coil
driver circuit a few years ago.  It worked fine for a few minutes then
exploded, covering me in nasty hot oil.


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