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[TCML] Experimenting with Tesla Coils.

Hi gentleman                               Yesterday I was messing around it my room and trying different things with my coil and tried arranging other "Tesla" coils around my room but off the ground and not connected to anything.I get up to 80KV off the coil with the torroid on top and other sparks in other places up to 40KV I can arrange the coils in various places for various results and I get sparks in which ever way I like.Neon light bulbs are nothing interesting to power,give me a while Ill have my whole room making sparks,Check it out www.flickr.com/photos/Kingsandangels When my neon sign transformer goes (Terry filters are hard to make in south africa)If theres anyone who will find something different in Tesla Coils Ill apply for the post.Check out the 80KV sparks off the torroid top load.                             Gareth
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