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[TCML] How to make the best salt water capacitors.

Hi guys                                           For those of you who battle with caps for Tesla Coils, I found a way to make salt water capacitors with the least loss of any power.I use 1.25L coca cola bottles.They have very thick glass about 8mm thick and the bottles are large. My Tesla Coil uses only 6 of them instead of 60 small bear bottles(Waist of time and money)AND I DONT USE TIN FOIL!Foil makes loss,Takes up time and alot of insulation tape.I use a container with the walls as strait up as possible and just big enough for all the bottles.Salt water on the inside of the bottles Must be higher than the salt water in the container.I also use as much vinegar as I can.You will find at this point if you use the capacitors the water in the container will steam from the power and racing arcs will try to match the level in the bottles,Lots of lossy,So what I do is use a squirt bottle and spray all the salt water bottles with oil so nothing can stick, like the salt, then pour enough oil into the container to make a 2 to 5mm layer over the top of the salt water and it will suppress the corona and if you turn off the lights you wont see any corona losses coming from the container.I like to make sure that the container does not touch ground or any moisture because your container will act like a dielectric and anything on the outside will start to conduct.Im currently also making pickups like Tesla in my room of my style shape and size and generating many kilotolts at low current at more than more than 6 points,I will have some pics on my website later tonight so I can take pictures and show you. So I resigned from work and Imbored,so what? Lol Gareth..  
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