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Re: [TCML] Repairing a Coil - Please Help

Hi Everyone,

First, thank you all for your help.  I'm happy to report that the Tesla Coil was working fine for Super Science Saturday and the kids got a show of about 14 inch sparks.

Really, only two things were done to the coil to make it work - the 15KV 60mA transformer was replaced with one of 15KV 120mA and many of the contacts were cleaned.  I am not certain of the rated values of either transformer, in fact the replacement may have been the original transformer thought to be bad, but I am still puzzled how an addition 60 mA could make the difference.  Perhaps cleaning was all that was needed.

For posterity, let me describe the suggestions I received:

Check for a spark gap that is/has become too small
Verify all parts still function properly
Be sure the secondary coil has a solid Earth ground
Adjust the secondary to see if it could be out of tune
Try to find a 12KV 60mA transformer to match capacitor impedance
Use two 15KV/60mA transformers in parallel
Offers to come help (my thanks Jeff, Dave and Chip)
Stand N.E. on one foot while chanting (it didn't work, Scot!)

My thanks again to everyone.  Your ideas gave me good places to jump in and start tinkering which got the coil working.  The kids were thrilled.


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