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Re: [TCML] Spark Gap Motor and Control

Hey Robert...

Looks like you have a good match on the controller compared to the motor, but the price for the motor seem a bit high. Consider something like a router ( wood working type) which will be capable of a 1/2" shaft instead of a 3/8 shaft. HP would be comparable for about 1/2 the price. ( routers run about 65-85$)

Next thing to consider, the RPM rating and the material needed for the disc to be used. If you run the motor up to speeds above 2000 RPM ( more than 25% of the controller ) your disc must be capable of handling the G forces that will be present with the chosen electrode assembly. Remember, the more weight your electrodes have and the higher the RPM's, the more force is applied to the edge of the disc, if the electrodes are heavy and the distance from the edge of the disc to the electrode is "thin", the higher the chance of the electrode has a capacity to tear through the disc material and become " shrapnel projectiles". For example, an electrode on a disc of 9" dia. at 1800 RPM breaks loose, it has the velocity of approximately 45 MPH... at 10,000 RPM ( 5X that of 1800rpm) 450MPH ( if my math is correct) 660 FPS... that pretty much comparable to a pellet gun firing a 250 gram load.... ouch!

Also, since the motor will be controlled to "whatever" rpm you desire, it will become a SRSG at 900, 1800, 3600, 7200 RPM with associated BBP's at 60 120 240 480 if the timing is phased right ( it could happen ;) )!

Considerations to ponder...
G-10 Phenolic disc material 3/8 - 1/2" thick 8 - 12" dia
Tungsten electrodes 3/16 - 5/16 dia.
1/2" of material from edge of electrode to edge of disc.

Other than that, it looks like you are on your way to a good rotory gap....

Scot D

Robert Davies wrote:

Hello All,

How do you think this would work for my ASRSG

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