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Re: [TCML] 100kVA trannies as salvage?

A "junker" friend of mine told me that the current prices on metals have dropped like the proverbial rock. (We're in the Chicago 'burbs) If that's the case, then this would be the time to try and get it. Never hurts to ask, anyway. Bad time for junkers, maybe a good time for coilers?


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At the current salvage rates for copper you will be hard pressed to get
them for anywhere close to $50. I'm betting that the meth-heads will
offer them more than that.
At $3 + a pound for copper, and assuming that the transformer weighs at
least 500 pounds, guesstimating that 200 pounds of that is copper, you'd
be looking at $600 worth of copper alone in each transformer.
I am guessing (and probably being conservative) on all of those weights,
as my direct experience with pole pigs is pretty limited, but those
sound like fairly reasonable assumptions.
So if you can pick them up for $50 you are a lucky man!

Shannon Weinhold
Klasdja Intelligent Innovations

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