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Re: [TCML] 100kVA trannies as salvage?


I don't know what it means to us as far as prices of magnet wire, copper tubing 
etc., but the scrap prices for copper have fallen like a rock, dropping daily. 
Last I checked #1 copper wire spot price was $1.42/lb see:


On Friday 24 October 2008 04:20:47 pm Weinhold Shannon L wrote:
> At the current salvage rates for copper you will be hard pressed to get
> them for anywhere close to $50. I'm betting that the meth-heads will
> offer them more than that.
> At $3 + a pound for copper, and assuming that the transformer weighs at
> least 500 pounds, guesstimating that 200 pounds of that is copper, you'd
> be looking at $600 worth of copper alone in each transformer.
> I am guessing (and probably being conservative) on all of those weights,
> as my direct experience with pole pigs is pretty limited, but those
> sound like fairly reasonable assumptions.
> So if you can pick them up for $50 you are a lucky man!
> Shannon Weinhold
> Klasdja Intelligent Innovations
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> Subject: [TCML] 100kVA trannies as salvage?
> I saw a couple of 100 kVA pole transformers in the yard of a local HVAC
> contractor a while back.  At least they are marked with the '100' on the
> side.  They are huge, maybe 5' tall (it has been a while, need to go
> back and look at them again), and must weigh a lot.  I was thinking of
> calling them and offering them salvage value for them, or $50.  I think
> they are really too big for me to use, as they are much bigger than the
> one feeding my house and about 5 others!
> But they may be worth dismantling...  Does anyone know how big the cores
> are (if they are indeed 100kVA) and if it might be worth placing it in a
> smaller container and using at lower power, or would that be too
> inefficient?
> Nick A
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