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Re: [TCML] first light!

Thomas Ryckmans wrote:

Finished my coil today - finally. Just gave it a rapid try -I will bring it
to the Cambridge (UK) teslathon tomorrow and tune it there. Anyway IT

Excellent. And, doing it at the last minute is always the best way. Eliminates "Analysis Paralysis"

secondary in 10.4 cm/4 inches diameter, 1200 turns, fed by a 6000V/30mA NST

I got some sparks about a feet long - I did not expect to see them float
around and move the way they do - this is the first time I've seen a TC in
action face-to-face.

Yeah.. if you're used to seeing still photos, the movement aspect is interesting.
Next things to do is to build a RSG, put the Terry filter and the MMC in a
better looking box, and move to a new home so I can get a real RF ground.
The chicken wire counterpoise looks very cheap.

Get a piece of wood or carpet and put the chicken wire on the bottom. Something like one of those split bamboo window shades would be great. Rolls up, looks nice, etc.

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