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Re: [TCML] Odd VTTC Streamer Behavior

On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 17:00, <futuret@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Have you tried using fewer grid coil turns, then lowering the grid coil
> for example 12 or 16 turns instead of 22.  THis would show
> if it's more a matter of the degree of coupling, or if it's more
> a coupling from the secondary thing which may amount to a phase
> issue.

I spoke with Cameron about this issue.  He tried several different
configurations and found 22 turns to be optimal.  Since my coil is nearly
identical, I'm going to trust his results.  Not to mention changing the grid
coil means removing the Lexan ring on the top of my form, which is not fun.

>   Depending on how your homemade filament transformer
> was made, it may have had a distorted waveform.

I wound it on a scrap 12/60 NST core.  It was a beast, capable of ~40A at
10V, ~60A short circuit.

>  Depending
> on the nature of your volt meter, it may have  read the voltage
> wrongly if the waveform was distorted.

I use a Fluke true RMS volt meter, so the RMS voltage was 10V.

>   usually a higher
> filament voltage such as 10.3 or 10.5 works well, and doesn't cause
> problems except for shortened tube life.

Well, maybe in most cases, but not this case.  I tried moving the grid way
up, and way down and still could not get the coil to behave.  When I took
the voltage down the coil was working better than with the old transformer.

> Regarding those 90 degree small streamers.  My 20" sword spark coil
> had them too after I pushed the spark to 20" from the initial 18" or so.
> John
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